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Additional services

Special (Hidden) content

Browsing listings on our website, you have probably noticed a place with hidden data under the map in some listings. Also, you could see that you cannot see what is hidden until you log in or create an account. This content area can be filled in only by the website administrator and used by the listing owners to promote their websites and attract additional visitors by displaying their special offers, products, services, videos and any content they want (e.g. recent blog posts or the text from the "About us" page of their site to allow Backlink Party visitors to meet their businesses closer).

Hidden content requirements

  • If you wish to submit additional content that will be visible in the hidden area, we have a few general requirements for texts, images and videos:
  • The content (text, image, audio or video) must not violate copyright laws and the terms of the license requirements,
  • All text must be unique. Plagiarism is unacceptable. To check your article if its text is unique you can use any of the offline software or online services (e. g. Plagiarism Checker X),
  • All the links you use in text and images must redirect to the main URL pages and be tagged as target="_blank",
  • You may use up to 10 (ten) images*,
  • The textual part is limited to 1000 (one thousand) words*,
  • The content has to be provided as HTML/CSS code.

Unless the submitted content matches these requirements we don't care, whether was it created by yourself, an employee, a hired freelancer or by a professional content agency (of course, the agency would be preferred for both of us as they are too skilled to create a poor content :).

To submit content to the Special content area, you will need to send us an email to or visit the Contact us page. After we review your content and it will match our requirements, we will send you a payment link or an Invoice (you choose), as this additional service is paid and its price is:

  • 10 EUR per standard submission,
  • *20 EUR per advanced submission (with up to 20 (twenty) images and 2000 (two thousand) words of textual part).

Please Note! As every submission is paid, not to waste money, you will have to consider if for you it will be better to place general content, or if you'd love to inform the Backlink Party visitors about changes, discounts, new articles, etc.